“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

This road keeps getting stranger and stranger. This path has gone through the pits of hell and the heights of heaven, thrown me into too many incredible people, broken me, mended me, stripped me of everything, given me everything, tossed me and turned me in all its own unimaginable ways, and it has made me.

Truth is, nothing has gone quite according to plan. I am not entirely the person I expected myself to become.

Somehow this path has twisted and turned so many times, and life has given me so many unnecessary, but essential, stops. It’s made me who I am, and I am somehow happy with that.

My only one certain truth, is that I am still walking this road, and wherever it takes me, I hope I’m heading home.

There is this energy greater than hope; something inside me knows I’m heading home.

We all carry this truth inside us.

Somehow we all carry this memory of home. Something inside you reminds me of the home I’d left so long ago, maybe eighteen years ago, and maybe many years before. (Funny that we try to measure these things with our own blurred concept of time.)

Something inside us is walking towards the same destination; clear your road that I may find you there, and perhaps, with any luck, we can walk together.


No-Names Hall

Let not the wild of bad men rise,
Out through the mouths of good men wise,
And not the feats of good men stay,
Mere compensation for worse yet day.

If t’will not come on good man’s day,
To say a word and nations call,
There’ll come a time where good lands may,
Honor such in no-names hall.

A hall so wide and stretching long,
‘Tis no man’s hall and all men’s place,
All good men’s hall and bad men’s fall,
And suffers not the bad man’s chase.

And in the hall the incense burns,
To honor those who’ve come and gone,
Left a life in spec or seed,
And come unto the holy one.

The holy one, he looks on all,
The greatest name in no-names hall.

The holy one, whose angels call,
The greatest name in no-names hall.

on the 14th of December, 2013

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My Daily Prayer: “Lord, Call Me Again”

Below is my daily prayer which was written on a whim after I had practically been singing it all morning one day.

It does not follow a specific rhyme scheme (though I did eventually tweak a few parts). It’s really just something I like to go back to every once in a while.

The reason why this prayer of mine is so dear to me is because it often serves as a reminder of my calling and purpose: reminiscent of the time I first found God, when everything fell into place, when all suddenly made perfect sense, and when I learned that if there were anything worth devoting oneself to, it was the humble service of good, and the faithful service of the God of the good.

Therefore I share this with you, in the hope that it may inspire, guide, or help at least one person out there in the honest pursuit of God. (P.S: if you happen to be that person: contact me right away!)


Lord, Call Me Again

Lord, Heavenly Father,
Lord, Light of my day.

Lord, there is no greater,
Than your heavenly name.

Lord, Father almighty,
Lord, Tender and right.

Lord, I have no worry,
For you bless me with grace.

Lord, I ask you nothing,
But to serve in your name.
But to fight in your battles,
Till the end of my days.

Lord, Call me again,
Lord, To serve in your glory,
For the glory of faith.

God, Serve me not comfort,
God, Serve me not wine,
But serve me to serve you,
Oh father of mine.

Lord, I hear you breathing,
With every breath I take.
Lord, As the sun rises,
Lord, I thank you today.

Lord, Call me again,
Lord, Guide me, Command me,
I, your faithful slave.

God, there is no greater,
Than to serve in the name,
Of a master so righteous,
Of a master so dear.

Lord, father of every,
Living creature and man,
Lord, Look at your people,
That look to you this day.

Lord, Help me to serve you,
Lord, Call me by name.
Christ, I want to know you,
More everyday.

Lord, Call me again,
To be by your people,
Serve them more each day.

Lord, I hear you breathing,
With every breath I take.
Lord, All that I ask you,
Is to bless my day.


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The Three Layers of Self: A Personal Doctrine

“The Three Layers of Self” is the title of a basic personal theological concept I live by.

To illustrate, man’s drives can be arranged into three categories:

Socio-Spiritual Morality/Interaction (the domain of the soul),
Intellectual Curiosity (the domain of the mind),
Somatic Pleasure (the domain of the body).

The three layers are thus, and in the divine unalterable order:


The soul longs for God and human companionship, and in its longing for God also longs for God’s morality and thus sets the moral law for the rest of the self.

The mind longs to share in God’s glory, and thus seeks to understand the creation of God, and in the case of theologians, to understand God himself. Also, not only does the mind marvel at the work of God, but it sets out to mimic Creation itself through its own God-given innovative power. Also, it provides practical solutions to trivial worldly problems. In other words, the mind is the mediator between the earth and the heavens, the body and the soul. It spreads over the abstract and the concrete.

The body longs to maintain itself through nutrition and other needs, also longing to achieve pleasure through fulfilling those needs. However, the true function of the body is to fulfill the righteous longings of the soul and mind.

I find that any change in the priority of one over the other would spell disaster.

The mind and body must always remain subordinate to the soul.

A mind insubordinate to a soul is catastrophe served on a silver plate.

For example, it was, disregarding morality, very logical to force slaves into picking cotton and starving them to death back in the darker days of America. Nevertheless, after the restoration of Government morality under the guidance of Lincoln, slavery was later abolished.

That is an exact example of why the soul must always rule over the mind.

In whatever we commit to, we must place first, our entire souls, second, our entire minds, and finally, our bodies.

The three layers of the self must always remain in perfect harmony; any conflict between the three must be resolved under the light of a moral code, the soul.

Conflict between the desires and longings of man is the most basic cause of psychological disorder.
To make a reference to Lincoln:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
-Abraham Lincoln

I find this applies perfectly not only concerning society but also and most importantly concerning the individual.

I firmly state, nevertheless, that an internal discrepancy between the three must often be fought. Thus we must possess the courage to wage an internal war, regardless of the confusion it is sure to immerse us in, in the hope of restoring and establishing a better person within ourselves.

In the end, remember to always place your morality before your practicality, and your thought before your actions.

The true value of any thought is its relevance under the light of a supreme moral code, and the true value of any action is its relevance under the guidance of the mind and the supremacy of the soul.

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”
-Abraham Lincoln


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