The more pressing conflict is: whether or not truth has become a dearer love to me than all my human companions, the thought I both adore and revoke.


9 thoughts on “Truth

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    Couldn’t have worded it better, if I tried…

  2. neighsayer says:

    that’s the thing, innit? Truth or the idiots around us. It probably really is more important for our needs and our survival to think what the idiots around us think. Truth has no champion to hurt us if we don’t go with her. Having said that, I aspire for humans to reconcile the two, eventually. Some of us think truth is better ultimately and do indeed turn our backs on the idiots around, thatnk goodness. That must be how we ever made any bit of progress we ever did.

    (I’ll go see the original and comment there too…)

    • neighsayer says:

      oops – never mind.

    • elioa says:

      I think I can say I agree completely with what you’ve said. It’s always better for us to follow the crowd and not stir up any commotion about issues like justice, truth, and other such progressive rebellions against the social order. In most cases, a champion for truth will end up ostracized by a society or power that rejects it. However, as you said, the progress of all human civilization somehow relies on those few people brave enough to defy social norms to demand a recognition of what is right.
      We see this always in revolutions, and every so often in social life.
      I think you can place a good bet that for every truth you stand for, you have at least one friend to lose. It all depends on how willing you are to sacrifice your social needs for your pursuit of truth.

      • neighsayer says:

        I have a real life, of course, job, family, a handful of good friends – but online and intellectually, I have placed myself as a pariah, and so be it. Anyone who was raised in any way other than the most, 1% liberal way, as well as anyone who has raised kids in any but the gentlest possible way is offended by the truth I think I have seen. It’s not easy, but whaddayagonnado?

  3. georgeforfun says:

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    indeed, worth pondering

  4. neighsayer says:

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    This is pretty dear to my heart lately, the sentiment so beautifully expressed here:

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