We Woke Alone


Source: MorgueFile

Source: MorgueFile

Written for a friend in need.

“I awoke, only to see the rest of the World was still asleep” – Leonardo Da Vinci

We are, all of us here, remnants of a torn and broken society, a society of souls, related by nature, torn by the cruel hands of fortune. We are here, all of us, silenced hissings of minds in a larger world.

With sitting by this dearest friend, I write today, and think of all the minds of men that pass, lose themselves and leave, with only few preserved.

We woke alone, we truly woke alone to the greater consciousness of the world, and saw the men around us fall in comparison, as we rose and left them in their slumber. And loneliness, when two hearts it tears is not alone, and joins in it two somber souls, to cure itself, unveil the light in the eyes of another.

We woke to a world of men worn with habit, who’ve taken the world and all human sentiment for granted, when we, the crying infants see injustice like a murder before the eyes of a child.


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