No-Names Hall

Let not the wild of bad men rise,
Out through the mouths of good men wise,
And not the feats of good men stay,
Mere compensation for worse yet day.

If t’will not come on good man’s day,
To say a word and nations call,
There’ll come a time where good lands may,
Honor such in no-names hall.

A hall so wide and stretching long,
‘Tis no man’s hall and all men’s place,
All good men’s hall and bad men’s fall,
And suffers not the bad man’s chase.

And in the hall the incense burns,
To honor those who’ve come and gone,
Left a life in spec or seed,
And come unto the holy one.

The holy one, he looks on all,
The greatest name in no-names hall.

The holy one, whose angels call,
The greatest name in no-names hall.

on the 14th of December, 2013

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Mark Me Not by the Eyes of Men

I am no hunter,
I’m a dreamer.
I do not know,
The ways of death.

I am no eagle,
I’m a blackbird,
I sing a song,
By fine-placed wreath.

For worlds do not on hunters stand,
Nor on eagles marked by fame,
These things all, and things all claimed,
We’d do without them, all the same.

I do not on the firm ground stand,
No those that stand there know no place;
I’ve placed my feet on different land,
And walk the earth there at my pace.

I walk on clouds that walk my mind,
And there the skies above I watch,
And all that walk below are blind;
They do not see the blackbirds hatch.

They do not see the people born,
Born intō the clouds and torn.