On the Meaning of Humanity

“Non nobis solum nati sumus.”
(Not for ourselves alone are we born.)

We must first assert that man has a natural inclination to fulfill his purpose, that is, to help others, just as a mother has a natural inclination to protect and care for her young.

But when in the wake of human consciousness, man decides to smite his fellows, there dies within him a certain distinguishing characteristic, a certain longing for the beautiful, the righteous, and the compassionate.

Men go to war with themselves before war with others, and erode the perfection withheld by the innocent child they once were, so as not to preclude their acts of unkindness.

We are most human when humanitarian, but when all humanitarian aspects of the human heart and mind have been eroded, when man loses his soul and the charitable purpose of existence, can he still be deemed… human?


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